“It cheers you up or it melts your heart.”
Bringing the magic of colors to your everyday life.


make changes little by little
Everyday life tends to be boring. It is not easy to keep making little changes in your life continually.
But colors can stimulate you and inspire you to make changes little by little

into your life so easily
You can use a piece of fabric to wrap things up or you can display it to enjoy as it is.
There are so many ways to use a piece of fabric, so it is easy to bring into your daily life to enjoy.
It also blends into your life so easily.

world of colors to look for freedom
Gama da gama travels the world of colors to look for freedom, just as people venture on the sea
to look for a promised land


One of the features of my painting is blurry colors.
Colors crossring over each other and it gives a unique texture.
Lines are beautiful but sometimes it could be a border.
When I was 19 years old, I was traveling all over Europe as a backpacker.
A lot of people helped me and we shared great moments together. The border in my heart has disappeared through this travel.
I felt like each personality mixes up and creating a colorful world.
It is fun because there are some differences between us, so that’s why we want to know about each other.
I would like to get along with a lot of people regardless of borders by sharing various thoughts and art.
That’s why I paint on Tenugui, a traditional Japanese wash cloth made of pure cotton.
I put this message into my works.
“Colors blend in as people connect to each other by Tenugui.”
Please take a look at my work with such message.


Tenugui is now used as a towel or handkerchief.
But it has a number of ancient traditional uses and applications.
They used Tenugui to clean the Buddha and God.
Also it was used as an advertising tool for performers and merchants, they used to distributing tenugui to customers and patrons
with their own family emblems or trade names printed on it.
The characteristic of Tenugui is the ends are not stitched, so that it dries quickly and it prevents to accumulate dirt and dust.
You can tear it up and slit tenugui into strips to use it as a bandage or a clog thong in an emergency situation,
I also recommend to use it as a decoration item in your room to enjoy it.
There are several ways of using this simple cloth to bring a unique part of traditional Japanese culture into your life.


About the Artist,Fabric artist gama

Born in Kyoto, in 1972.
After she studied coloring psychology and art therapy, she has started drawing in 2014.
Studied about textile at La Serra MK Textile Atelier in Italy in 2016.
After she came back to Japan, she has been working as a Fabric(textile) artist, who paint pictures on mainly Tenugui and scarf.
She also hold some workshops about how to paint and also some other enjoyable activities.